A brand firmly committed to environmental sustainability, premium quality and the oh-so distinctive ‘made in Portugal’. Produced locally every step of the way, we put tons of thought into each of our products that translate into well-made essential items made with the utmost attention to detail. We pride ourselves to ally premium textiles and innovative designs to high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail for a better-end product of heirloom quality. In a range of fabrics and patterns, we invite you to discover unique and unexpected collections. Elevated staples with a premium quality approach designed for your life without putting aside comfort and trends. The perfect blend of quality and pure casual styling. An unwavering commitment to provide timeless style, impeccable craftsmanship and lasting comfort, taken to a completely new level.

In a world where we are growing even more conscious of our impact on the environment, we want to make more ethical choices. Environmentally conscious, this beautifully simple collection is manufactured in sustainable fibers and fabrics. We invite you to discover a world of possibilities and to take a closer look at the richest materials and natural textures in our collection translated into delicate and light pieces that will make you feel spoilt and relaxed. Get tucked into elegant layers of ultra-soft cotton, and fine materials, such as cashmere, silk, micro modal, bamboo or tencel and have a first-hand experience the marrying of honest materials and skilled craftsmanship.
Ethically made in Portugal and rooted in quality.


SUSTAINABLE consumption, RESPECT for nature. By transforming pre and post consumer waste into valuable products, we are reducing the need of new raw materials, preventing the waste from entering the landfill and supporting the circular economy.


To become less dependent on virgin materials and to adjust to a zero-waste policy. We believe that no materials should be wasted – no yarn is left behind – and that every piece can make a positive impact.


By using all the excess material and yarn left over from manufacturing processes. Inspired by the philosophy of ‘less is better’, each product is made with respect for the resources that make it possible.